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We handle each of the consignments with the same level of care and commitment.

- Shipping & Forwarding Agency
- N.V.O.C.C. Consolidators
- Transhipment Handling
- Cargo Broker
- Project Cargo Handling
- Warehousing & Distribution
- Logistics Services Provider
- Door to door services
- Transportation

Cargo Insurance

Air Sea Freight Forwarding :

As a Shipping and IATA Logistics, we need to have better and commanding relations with all the air and sea transporters and also the ship owners and with the help of best possible staff and policies we have developed one of the best relation with these agencies.

The business tendencies and styles have been changed drastically and business across the world is the prime requirement and also the basic necessity of the world. To have transportation across the country, one needs to have the air and sea transportation facilities through the borders. For this you need to have contacts and confirmations with the air and sea transporters. This activity requires having the special agencies like Air Sea Freight Forwarding Agencies. We do that quite nicely with the help of our experience and also with the prime features of company relations.

As the freight forwarders we take care of all the goods and services forwarding from the departing destinations and receiving end. Throughout the journey, we make it sure that everything goes accordingly. So, there is no margin for errors. We also do arrange for the tickets and if there is any emergency, you can have the best of the services from us.

Within this decade of fulfilling services to our prestigious clients we have learnt lot and also have developed better relations with different companies and people. This experience is huge asset of us and also is the most enthusiastic and unforgettable journey of ours!!