Services We Offer
We handle each of the consignments with the same level of care and commitment.

- Shipping & Forwarding Agency
- N.V.O.C.C. Consolidators
- Transhipment Handling
- Cargo Broker
- Project Cargo Handling
- Warehousing & Distribution
- Logistics Services Provider
- Door to door services
- Transportation

Cargo Insurance
Our Services :
  • The entire newer business is dealing with one thumb rule, “Services wins businesses!!” This is the prime funda of the businesses and we are religiously following this theme of business as without services, one can never survive in these competitive markets. Here are brief ideas of the highlighted services that are providing:

  • Clearing & Forwarding Agents/ Custom House Agents (Sea & Air):

    By Clearing agents we mean that we play the role of chain between the senders and receivers. We do the job of clearing the goods from customs for both the parties. There are two ways of transporting goods from abroad, sea and air. In both the ways we deal with the custom department and get all the goods cleared from them!!

  • Ship¹s Agents - Tramp, Liners & NVOCC

    Ship Agents are the persons that are involved in making inspection of the onsite operation on the parts with full technical knowledge. We are having larger staffs of technical persons that are able to manage all the Tramps, Liners and also the NVOCC ships with full attendance and awareness. This is one of the most advanced and technical process of service.

  • Ship broking & Dry Cargo Chartering

    Ship broking is one of the most promising jobs these days as ships are too costlier and not everyone can have them. Also the ship owners can never perform the job of approaching all the charters. The link between both of these agencies is well performed by the Ship Brokers and we do it quite expertly as being brokers since almost a decade we have vast contacts of both the parties with sound relations as well. Also the job of Dry Cargo Chartering is done by us with super-sonic abilities.
  • International Freight Forwarders / M.T.O. / Consolidators

    One of the grand jobs of International Freight Forwarders is to arrange all the cargo movement to the desired international destinations. We have got good relations with many of the shipping agents of various countries. So, it’s easier for us to have the shipping soundly. We are also the better Consolidators that arrange tickets and all the hurdles that can occur within the business and trades.
  • Warehousing

    This is the facility that is having huge impact as hardly there are some of the shipping agencies owning their warehouses. But, we do have giant warehouses at many of the ports in India. So, we can store any of the goods on behalf of the parties with greater care. Have relaxation of storage facilities of your goods and hand them over to us!!

  • Road Transportation
    We have got larger number of vehicles that can carry on goods and services from one place to another by road. Trucks and carriers are the huge share holders of these services. We are offering door to door services of the goods from the Ports and warehouses and to fulfil this purpose, we have all the facilities of road transportation

  • Insurance Brokers
    Insurance agents are the biggest source of searching clients for contracts of Insurance on behalf of Insurance Companies. We are official insurance brokers of some of the most reputed insurance companies. Also we have larger number of people connected with us for the insurance purposes

  • I.A.T.A. Agents

    We are the proud members of International Air Travellers Association. Each and every purpose and activity of these agents are being performed by us like the navigation services, Airline transportation and travelling also. So, there are the assured assurances with us and the moment you hand over the jobs to us, you should feel quite relaxed regarding to the tensions of transportations!!

  • Coastal Transportation

    Coastal Transportation is the prime contender of our services. There are some of the most travelling purposes within the countries and also with the internal transportation. So, even in this field we have huge networking!!

    These are the highlighted services even besides this we have better services options all of them are done satisfactorily!!